Caderno do Sulco Mediano Posterior II


Friday, March 15, 2002

Lendo Patrick Obrien, ouvindo Diamanda Galas, dormindo muito mas não o suficiente. Longa vida a Sarah Michelle Gellar! Longa vida a Eliza Dushku! The bottle stand by you, Sir. A toast: confusion to the Pope and death to all vulgarians! What now, Mr. Riddicks?
"The master sends his compliments, Sir, and would you mind looking at a most philosophical aberration of nature?" E lá vou eu. Follow me, Sir- I take it you will be most kindly amused by my articles at Digestivo Cultural. You will notice they appear under the most gracious name of Alexandre Soares Silva- at your service, I'm sure. Em português.
posted by alexandre 1:47 PM

Good Morning, Sir. Pray be comfortable. Em qualquer língua: passeie pelo deque e ignore os palavrões dos marinheiros- a crude lot, if I may say so, Sir. Mind the step. That's it. Easy does it.
posted by alexandre 1:35 PM

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